vida2I started my first business way back in 1995.  A computer centre that offered training as well as technology related services and products to small businesses and the neighbourhood at large.

It was incredible.  It offered me one of the the greatest experiences of my life.  The joy of building technology tools, creating jobs, meeting new people and serving them was nothing short of beautiful.

It was then when I literally stood at the intersection of business, technology and community.  It was then when most of my visions began taking form – as I kept learning more about my clients’ needs and the promise of technology tools.  Meantime, I was facing major challenges myself;  in marketing, operations, human resources and more… all the challenges every small business experiences at one point or another. 

I kept on going, running my business for several years, hoping that my passion and enthusiasm would overcome the challenges.  I was wrong!

Over the years, things started to crumble despite my stubborn determination to succeed.  Then one day, one cloudy day in September of 2001, the music stopped altogether.  I lost it all in despair.

Most of us do not believe that this is a common story.  This would have been just a distant tale to me too if I weren’t playing the lead role here.  One more number, one more failure in the jungle of statistics!  It’s different when it happens to you though.  You could become very confused, especially if you never failed before.  You could catch yourself asking the same question over and over; “How did this happen? I worked so hard!”.

Well, here is some background information.  Six million small businesses start operation in North America each year.  5.6 million small businesses shut down each year too.  More than 80% vanish within the first five years.  The average life span of a small business is 3 years!

For me, this never made sense.  Having lived this reality though, I longed for new answers.  What if we had access to adequate tools and resources that encouraged and cradled the act of creation at every stage of entrepreneurship for all of us?  What if we took our time to redefine marketing… to redesign markets.  What if we understood the magical powers of “relationship based economy” and utilized technology tools to connect differently, work differently, build differently?  What if we could connect to our fellow entrepreneurs freely, easily and effortlessly?  To bid, to barter, to sell, to partner… What is it that we could not achieve?  What if…?

Creator Edge was born after many years of watching, researching and working thereafter.

I designed Creator Edge to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and to build a platform for sharing, co-operation and co-creation.  I designed it in the hope that entrepreneurship would be a little less of a struggle, seeing as though more than 50% of our GDP is supported by us, small and micro businesses.

I started Creator Edge, with an utter determination to tackle real issues pertaining entrepreneurship and local sustainable developments.   I started  Creator Edge because I found no adequate infrastructure out there that could support our fragmented segment – local entrepreneurs and artists.  And of course I started Creator Edge, because I adore those who share a piece of themselves in their Act of Creation; from the Artist to the Accountant, from the Digital Designer to the Dance Teacher and all those new emerging young entrepreneurs too.

I started Creator Edge because I simply had to reach You.  To meet You.

So, stay with me and the rest of our community if you believe in the power of us.  Let us harness the power of the collective, because there is nothing like it and because together we are so much better.

My name is Vida by the way, and now enough about me.  Let us talk about You.

Vida Mas


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