About Creator Edge

We Are Local

We have a brand new business model



We are inspired by the incredible talent in each and every corner of our local communities.  We are introducing a new business model to highlight and harness this talent and integrate it into the fabric of the larger community.  Our model offers systems of integration and distribution interacting organically, both within close proximity & beyond. 

We Are Social

We have our own social media platform



We built our own social media platform to create new standards in relating, networking and marketing.  We plan to cultivate our own creative communities without restrictions and limitations of other existing platforms while remaining inclusive, open and connected. Open source is our selected development model and our culture.  Integration is our way. 


Creator Edge is a labour of love inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship, art, creativity, and innovation.  A platform dedicated to creators living on the edge, creating passionately each and every day.  It is the brainchild of Vida Mas, an independent system thinker, emerging from the edge herself. 

The entire work is supported by the efforts of brilliant developers, designers and creative geniuses who tirelessly work towards building open, decentralized systems.  Practical systems that lay the foundations for our collective future. 

A future that is here already, but not evenly distributed – yet!

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